Why Teachers at The Growing Patch Preschool Rock?

Teaching is a very auspicious profession and is seen with great respect because the best doctors, engineers, lawyers, and pilots are taught by teachers. A good teacher can change the lives of billions of people. The early preschool center is the place where your child will meet his or her first teacher. At The Growing Patch Preschool, our teachers are shaping the lives of young ones by contributing to their intellectual, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual growth. We are a

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Why preschool is important for your child?

Why preschool is important for your child? When your child reaches the age of two or three, you have an option to send them to preschool or an early childhood center. You may wonder why preschool is required for your child when you are putting all your efforts into his learning process at home? Well, the research proves that the kids who attend a good preschool center are likely to have higher mathematics and reading skills and are often better

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