Why preschool is important for your child?

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Why preschool is important for your child?

When your child reaches the age of two or three, you have an option to send them to preschool or an early childhood center. You may wonder why preschool is required for your child when you are putting all your efforts into his learning process at home? Well, the research proves that the kids who attend a good preschool center are likely to have higher mathematics and reading skills and are often better prepared for kindergarten. Moreover, they tend to behave better in the classroom and are more likely to graduate from high school and attend college in their life. Therefore, preschool is the first step toward your child’s school success. This blog will dive into why preschool is important for your child to attend.

1. To learn new skills

When you enroll your child in a quality preschool center, you give your child the environment to learn and explore various new skills. Your child will learn to use his or her imagination and develop a curiosity to wonder about the real world. They will be involved in such activities which makes them problem-solvers. Also, when interacting with teachers and peers, your kid will learn to socialize and follow directions to finish the tasks. They will get to practice a bunch of new skills every day. Moreover, they will develop motor skills and muscles as well.

2. Make your child kindergarten ready

An early childhood center focuses on the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development of your child with the help of an interactive curriculum especially crafted for kids by experienced and trained experts in the field. Your child will be taught pre-reading, pre-science, pre-maths, and pre-writing skills. Moreover, there will be creative plays that stimulate creativity and self-expression in your child. Therefore, the preschools have the potential to generate not only short-term benefits like making your child preschool ready but also several long-term benefits like the development of critical thinking skills, social maturity, etc. that are imperative for school success. Taking all these factors into consideration, the benefits are far greater relative to its costs.

3. Supports parental employment

The stats show that in California, almost 78% of all the parents of the working-age population of preschool-aged kids are employed at least part-time. Therefore, out of the couple, one adult in 98% of families works outside, and in 55% of the families, both the adults work. Therefore, preschools are a convenient solution to their problem, where their child will not only learn and enjoy but will also be safe.

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