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About Us

Founded in 1991, The Growing Patch is an early childhood center located in northwest Fresno, incorporating the Pre-K learning outcomes in the children. A structural curriculum is followed to facilitate the engagement of our students in various sensory learning that includes visual, auditory, and verbal enrichment.

At The Growing Patch, we believe that every child deserves special attention in the preschool center because only a strong foundation can withstand the strong-standing building. Our class size is 2 teachers for a maximum of 15 students, a 1 to 6 ratio. This helps us in providing personalized attention and more one-on-one time with our young ones.

The learning requirements of children tend to change with age. Therefore, we have introduced different programs, categorizing students into various groups according to their age to provide them with better learning experiences. Also, various half-day and full-day program options are available.

We teach students not classes!! The Growing Patch believes in developing each child’s individuality to be creative, thoughtful, and analytical.

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