4 Fun And Creative Ways To Teach Colors And Shapes To Your Preschooler

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We’re proud to be the best preschool in Fresno because we offer a safe and stimulating environment for learning that helps each child grow in all areas. One of the most exciting yet vital things we do at our preschool is to teach our students different shapes and colors. Even though these may seem like simple concepts, they are important building blocks for creative and cognitive growth. Get ready to be blown away by the exciting and creative ways we teach kids about shapes and colors at The Growing Patch Preschool! In this blog, we will share some fun ways that can help you teach colors and shapes to your kid at home.

Why Teach Your Preschooler About Shapes and Colors?

Shapes and colors are important things for your child to learn when they are young. It makes them smarter and also helps them learn other important skills like reading and math. By teaching your preschooler about shapes and colors, you help them build the following skills:

  • Visual discrimination
  • Spatial awareness
  • Language development
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Math skills
  • Creativity

4 Fun Ways to Teach Colors and Shapes

1. Use Visual Aids

You can teach your child about shapes and colors with the help of visual tools. At The Growing Patch Preschool, students learn about shapes and colors by looking at pictures and flashcards. You can make your own signs or flashcards at home to do the same thing. To make them more interesting for your child, use bright, bold colors and simple shapes.

2. Play Shape and Color Games

Games are a fun way to teach shapes and colors to a child. We play a game at The Growing Patch Preschool called “Shape and Color Bingo”. Each student gets a bingo card with different colors and shapes on it. Then, we call out shapes and colors, and the students have to find the matched shape or color on their cards. This game is easy to play at home by making your own bingo cards or using a printable template.

3. Use Playdough to Make Shapes

Playdough is a fun way for kids to learn about shapes because they can touch it. At The Growing Patch Preschool, a reputed Preschool in Fresno, we give the kids different colored playdough and shape cutters. We tell them to use the cutters to make different shapes and then talk about the shapes they’ve made. You can do the same thing at home by making or buying playdough.

4. Go on a Shape and Color Hunt

A fun way to teach your child about shapes and colors and get them moving is to send them on a shape and color hunt. As the best preschool in Fresno, we take the kids on a hunt for shapes and colors inside or outside the classroom. We ask them to find shapes and colors that are different, and then we talk about them. The same thing can be done at home by walking your child around the neighborhood or a park.

It’s important to teach your preschooler about shapes and colors as part of their early schooling. As a leading Preschool in Fresno, we teach our students about shapes and colors in a number of fun and useful ways. The Growing Patch Preschool is the best choice if you’re looking for the best preschool in Fresno that prioritizes your child’s education and development. You can call +1 (559) 435-4934 or send an email to [email protected] to get in touch with us.