Teaching Approach at The Growing Patch Preschool

Private Kindergarten Fresno

Welcome to The Growing Patch Preschool, a warm and caring place where the magic of early learning happens. Everyone on our team of dedicated teachers really wants every kid to love learning. Let’s explore how we teach and find out in which we shape young minds.

1. Playful Learning Spaces

Our classes at The Growing Patch are designed to be lively, interactive places that make kids want to learn and explore. Every space, from cozy reading corners to bright learning centres, is designed to get kids involved in real life. Since our teachers know that kids’ first language is play, they use play-based learning methods that make learning and having fun go hand in hand.

  • Learning Through Play: Children learn important social, emotional, and mental skills through imaginative play. With play kitchens, building blocks, and themed play areas, kids can be creative and work together. We think that having fun is the best way to learn.
  • Sensory-rich Environments: Our classes have lots of different textures, colours, and hands-on activities. Sensory play helps kids learn about the world around them and improves their motor skills and cognitive development. Playing with sand, water, and different-textured objects are all fun ways to explore.

2. Customized Paths for Learning

Each child is different, and we love that at The Growing Patch. We teach by noticing and building on each child’s strengths, hobbies, and favourite methods of learning.

  • Tailored Lesson Plans: Our teachers make unique lesson plans for each child based on their hobbies and needs. Whether it’s using a child’s favourite story in a lesson or changing activities to fit their speed, we make sure that learning is fun and unique for each child.
  • Tracking Developmental Milestones: We think every achievement should be cherished, no matter how big or small. Each child’s progress is tracked by their teachers, who praise successes in areas like language growth, social skills, and physical coordination. This tracking makes sure that all children are getting the help they need and are reaching their full potential.

3. Engaging Learning Experiences

Engaging people is the key to successful learning. We make sure that The Growing Patch is a lively and interesting place for kids to learn by getting them involved in the process.

  • Theme-based Curriculum: The lessons we teach are based on fun themes that keep kids’ attention. Whether it’s learning about dinosaurs, space, or nature, themed learning makes lessons interesting and useful.
  • Hands-on Projects and Experiments: Doing projects and tests with your hands makes learning fun. Children learn to love discovery, think critically, and solve problems through easy science experiments.

The way teachers at The Growing Patch Preschool, a Private Preschool in Fresno, teach is a good mix of fun, personalised, and active learning. With this method, we hope to give every child a love of learning that will last a lifetime, laying the groundwork for a happy and successful educational journey. Come to The Growing Patch Private Kindergarten Fresno with us, where every day is fun!!