Getting ready for the first day at The Growing Patch Preschool

Early Childhood Learning Center in Fresno

At the Growing Patch Preschool, your child will experience so many “firsts”, out of which the first day will definitely leave a special memory for you and your child. Your child will first-time experience the warmth of teaching by the teachers, the fun company of other children, the sharing environment, and much more. There are going to be very intimidating “firsts” at The Growing Patch Preschool, an Early Childhood Learning Center in Fresno. Proper planning and organization are done to make the first day of the center an amazing precursor to the beginning of successful independent learning for your child.

1. We start small

We start small to make the child familiar with the environment. The first meeting at The Growing Patch Preschool on the first day of your child is really important and memorable. We believe that our students will open up only after a warm first meeting. Thus, all our teachers begin with a loving and friendly meeting with the children because children are experiencing a change in their routine as until now, they have spent most of their time with their parents.

Thus, this may create strong emotional reactions. Our Early Childhood Learning Center in Fresno will help your kid to explore the world outside their home. We make them enjoy their first day of preschool because a pleasant first-day experience will excite them about their future learning experiences.

2. Keep it simple

At the start of their preschool journey, we keep it fairly simple. The first day is all about meeting, talking, and exploring. Being a reputed Learning Center for 2 Year Old in Fresno, we at The Growing Patch Preschool make the kids enjoy their first day.
Children will begin their learning life by playing with playdough, puzzles, blocks, etc.

We have such a loving and caring environment that our students get familiar with these simple tools really quickly. Our task is to make them familiar with the classroom material. So that their curiosity to learn rises. We keep everything simple in the beginning and gradually begin to incorporate academic skills into our classes.

3. Friendly environment

The first-day classroom experience at The Growing Patch Preschool has to be special. The students are provided a friendly and loving environment so that they can quickly pick up the classroom expectations. This is not only helpful in building their stamina during preschool but also instills confidence in the students in their new environment. We are a Learning Center for 2-Year-Old in Fresno having friendly teaching staff that uses the best possible techniques to impart learning in a fun and enjoyable way.

Some tips for parents to prepare for the first day at Early Childhood Learning Center

It is exciting to prepare for the first day of your child at Early Childhood Learning Center in Fresno- The Growing Patch Preschool but you might be a little nervous too for a smooth, stress-free transition on day one. Here are some of the tips to make the first day a more manageable experience for your kid;

● Do not rush through the morning, get up at a reasonable hour.
● Arrive a bit early to allow your little one some time to settle.
● You may give your child a little comforting object.
● Put on a happy face to make the day exciting for your kid.
● Keep your goodbyes short and sweet to help your child adjust to the changing environment.