Four Year Old Child’s

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Four Year Old Child's

Your four-year-old child’s learning experiences are to promote school readiness. Teachers will be supporting school readiness through the California Preschool Learning Foundations Vol 1, 2, 3 (48 months of age).

Social Emotional Development: Children are learning to follow simple rules, manage transitions, and make efforts at waiting with teachers’ guidance. Teachers guide children in managing their emotions/feelings through visuals, role-playing, and games.

Language/Literacy: To foster language development and reading readiness, teachers use developmentally appropriate practices to support growth. They use books, songs, chants, and other hands-on activities to expand vocabulary, encourage asking questions, recognize names, letters, and sounds, as well as develop writing skills.

Mathematics: To foster math concepts, children will be working on classifying, patterning, counting collections up to 5 or above, oral counting, adding one more, measuring, weighing, working with shapes, and mathematical reasoning.

History Social Study: To foster understanding, children will learn about the importance of following rules, being responsible, family, friends, different cultures, community workers, how things change over time, and understand the physical world through drawing and maps.

Science: To foster scientific inquiry, children will learn about plants, rocks, soil, animals, and explore and describe changes with materials (mixing colors, baking a cake, making bread).

Visual Arts: To foster understanding, children will explore painting, drawing, clay, and use different types of materials and tools in art.